Seeding etc.


All players will be seeded according to their current world rating points on the most recently updated list before the ETHC begins. Roni Nuttunen and Ahti Lampi has been given higher seeding based on an ITHF decision (4217 points for Roni, 4123 points for Ahti).

The seeding points for a team in the team competitions will equal the sum of the top three seeded players in each team.


In the individual competitions, a pots seeding system will be used in all basic groups. This means that the players will be split into pots based on their seeding. Each pot will have the same number of players as the number of groups. For instance, in the open category the first pot will contain the 8 highest seeded players, the second pot will contain players seeded 9-16 and so on.

For each pot, the players are randomly assigned different groups. No two players from the same pot will be assigned to the same group. Further, the randomization will be done in such a way to ensure that players from the same nation is evenly distributed among the groups.

In the final groups, the nation distribution may be skewed since the groups that are to be merged is decided in advance.

In the team competitions, a strict seeding system is used. If there are two groups, the teams seeded 1, 4, 5, 8, 9 etc will be in one group and the teams seeded 2, 3, 6, 7 etc will be in the other group.


In the individual competition, players from the same nation will play against each other in the first few rounds in the basic groups and the divisions. In the final groups where mutual matches from the basic groups are included, this is not possible due to the more rigid pairing scheme. The players from the same nation will at least not play against each other during the last couple of rounds.

In the team competition, teams will play against in each other in random order in the groups.